Shilpa Shetty’s Monday Motivation Video is an Exercise Routine to Ward off Back Pain and Increase Flexibility

Fitness motivation is something you are sure to get once you visit Shilpa Shetty’s social media pages. The actress is one of the fittest in the industry and a big supporter of the Fit India movement.

She has now posted a Monday Motivation video on Instagram, showing exercises one can do to strengthens the back and abdominal muscles and improve flexibility. Staying at home during the lockdown means the body’s movements are restricted. Shilpa’s exercises help relieve back pain and relax back muscles.

Shilpa posted the video with a long caption, saying, “We’re living in some extreme situations right now. On the one hand, there’s so much to do around the house while many are also working-from-home; on the other hand, the excess free time keeps us seated for long hours with very little movement – a massive state of confusion for the body. All of this, however, can lead to a stiff and painful back & muscles.”

She added, “It’s important to keep stretching and strengthening the back to avoid any long-term, severe pain. So, I practice this routine regularly and it works wonders for me. It strengthens the back & abdominal muscles, improves flexibility in the spine & enhances the body posture. It also relieves back pain & relaxes the back muscles, while opening up the lungs. Give your body a little activity so it doesn’t go into a state of shock in these testing times. Stay indoors, stay safe!”